Meet Cuba in 21 days

This exclusive package has included all the transfers, breakfasts, foods, dinners, lodgings, museums, visits, journeys and cocktails. The reservation of this package has a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 18 people. The client can modify the 1er day according to her hour of arrival to Cuba and the last day according to her hour of exit of Cuba.


EUR 3000 per Person


Day 1: Modern and Colonial Havana.
• We will pick you up at José Martí International Airport and transfer you to the center of the city in a Classic Car.
• The accommodation will be very close to the Havana´s Malecón in a typical colonial house of the historic center of Old Havana. The stay will be for 3 nights.
• There will be a 1-hour break to accommodate luggage, so you can change clothes and carry out currency exchange operations.
• We will pick you up in a classic car from the 50's to take you on a panoramic tour around the city.
• We offer you a Welcome Cocktail in the famous Bodeguita del Medio restaurant, where the mojito, tobacco, traditional music and Creole food are everything.
• We will visit Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabaña (San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress), Castillo de Los Tres Reyes del Morro (Los Tres Reyes del Morro Castle), Castillo de la Punta ( La Punta Castle): Emblematic constructions of the defense system of the city in the colonial period.
• We will witness the well-known 9 pm Cannon at Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabaña (San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress), a military ceremony that alludes to the closing of the wall at colonial times.
• We will conclude with a typical Cuban dinner with traditional Cuban music in “El Cañonazo" Paladar.
Day 2: Colonial Havana & Modern
• We offer you a Buffet Breakfast on the Malecón Habanero at 7.30 am.
• Then we will take a City Tour at 8:30 am which includes:
- Tour to Plaza de Armas “Carlos Manuel de Céspedes”, the oldest of the four colonial squares in Old Havana.
- Castillo de la Real fuerza (Casttle of the Royal Force), built to be the residence of the Captains General and governors of Cuba; in its dome stands the vane “La Giraldilla” which is a symbol for Habana´s people.
- El Templete, place where the first mass was celebrated in San Cristobal de La Habana Villa, known by the ceiba full of myths that adorns its facade.
- Coffee House where you can taste the good Cuban coffee. It counts on varied offerings and varieties in its preparation.
- Casa del Ron (Rum House): Here you can taste the aged Cuban rums under the advice of experts.
- We will walk around Plaza de la Catedral (Cathedral´s Square): an authentic expression of the Cuban baroque. The buildings that surround it date from the XVIII century.
- We will visit the Plaza Vieja (Old Square). From the architectural point of view it has an eclectic style and it was used in its beginnings for military exercises and sometimes as an open-air market.
• Lunch
• City Tour in Classic Convertible Car Beginning in:
- Central Park
- Paseo del Prado
- Havanan Pier(Malecon Habanero)
- Ave.Walk (Ave.Paseo)
- It Visits to the Square of the Revolution
- Ave.5ta of the Mills
- Ave. Carlos III
- Ave.Reyna
- Capitol
- Great Theater of Havana Alicia Alonso
- Building Bacardi
- Ave. Of the Port
- Cellar of the Mean.
• Street of the Bishop-hotel Both Worlds
• Florida
• Palacio of the Craft
• Free Time
• Show of World Great Fame Tropicana & it has dinner
• Rest
Day 3: Colonial Havana & Modern
• Breakfast 7:30 am
• Visit to Ernesto Hemingway´s Vigía Farm, place where the famous writer of the Old Man and the Sea lived.
• Visit the Museum of Cuban Rum which belongs to the Havana Club Foundation. Here, every step of rum production process in old machinery is shown.
• Visit to the famous Romeo & Juliet Habano Factory, a brand that reached international renown in the early years of the 20th century.
• Lunch
• We will visit the Museum of the Revolution and the Granma Yacht, former headquarters of the Presidential Palace. Here we can find a retort of the Granma Yacht, which was used in the revolutionary process.
• Dinner at the National Hotel: emblematic building of the city that is very close to the sea and offers a beautiful view of the city.
• We will attend the world-famous show that takes place at the "El Parisien" cabaret at the Nacional Hotel, which includes live music and excellent dancers.
• Rest
Day.4-Soroa-the Terraces & Viñales
• Breakfast 7:30 am-in Havana
• Accommodation
• 1km ride through the beautiful waterfall "El Salto de Soroa".
• We will visit the Orchid Garden of Soroa, the largest in Cuba.
• Visit Los Baños de San Juan (San Juan´s Baths), natural pools for taking baths located in Las Terrazas Resort, it includes boat ride.
• Lunch, Typical Cuban Food.
• We will visit the House of the Singer Polo Montañés: home where he lived and his personal objects and most important achievements in music are preserved.
• General Cuban Cuisine.
• We will visit Los Jazmines Viewpoint in Viñales, from where you can admire the impressive landscape of mogotes and cultivated fields.
• Visit the Indio´s Cave with a tour guided through its interior to discover its beauties.
• Visit the House of the tobacco grower Don Benito to share a closest experience.
• We will visit the Mural of Pre-History: an open-air creation of the painter and scientist Leovigildo González.
• Dinner
• We will end the night listening to good Cuban music at Casa de la musica Polo Montañés (Music House Polo Montañés).
• Rest
Day 5. key Levisa(Cayo Levisa)
• Breakfast 7:30 am-in Viñales.9.30am-5pm Excurcion of 1 Day
• Accommodation in Blond Palm(Palma Rubia)
Day.Long 6-beach & Beach Girón
• Breakfast 7:00 am-in Blond Palm (Palma Rubia)
• Accommodation
• Guama-village Taina-lagoon of the Treasure
• Hatchery of the crocodiles.
• Cave of the fish
• Museum Battle of Bay of Pigs in April of 1961.
• Take free and bathrooms in natural pools of Good Creek.
• Lunch
• It has dinner
• Rest
Day 7. Cienfuegos & Trinidad
• Breakfast 7:30 am-in Long Beach & Beach Girón
• We will visit the Square José Martí
• Traveled by the Old Helmet.
• Lunch
• Valley Palacio.
• Walk for the Pier
• Dinner
• Rest
Day 8. Trinidad
• Breakfast 7:30 am
• Traveled by the Old Helmet Founded Trinidad in 1514 for Diego Velázquez it was Founded 3ra Villa for the Spanish Crown (Patrimony of the Humanity)
- Romantic Museum
- Trova House
- Canchánchara
- Traveled by the Natural Park the Cuban or to the Cascade the Pylon
• Accomodation
• Handmade Market
• Lunch in
- Guachinango
- or in Paladar The Ceiba
- or the Peasant's House
• Manaca Iznaga.
• Mirador of the Valley of those Genius-Canopy
• Ancón Beach
• Dinner
• Rest
Day 9. Trinidad
• Breakfast 7:30 am
• Trip of 1 Day to Key Blanco It includes:
- Walk in Catamaran
- Bathroom in a Coralline Barrier
- Animation
- Eat
- Drinks
Day 10-11. Ciego de Ávila, Cayo Coco & Cayo Guillermo
• Breakfast 7:30 am-in Trinidad
• Accomodation
• Everything Included-breakfasts, Foods, Dinners & Drinks
• Rest
Day 12. Camagüey
• Breakfast 7:30 am-in Key Coconut & Key Guillermo
• Accomodation
• City Tour
- We will visit the cathedral Our Lady of Candlemas
- We will visit the museum natal Ignacio Agramonte's house
- House of Young Art
• Lunch
• Free Time
• Dinner
• Rest
Day 13. Las Tunas
• Breakfast 7:30 am-in Camagüey
• Accomodation
• It visits to the Museum to the Martyrs from Barbados in 1976
• It Visits to the Square of the Revolution
• It visits to the Monument to the Literacy
• Statue of José Martí
• Traveled by Port Father(Puerto Padre)
• Lunch
• Free Time
• Dinner
• Rest
Day 14. Holguin
• Breakfast 7:30 am-in Las Tunas
• Accomodation
• Beach Guardalavaca
• Banes
• Gibara
• Lunch
• Free time
• Dinner
• Rest
Day 15. Bayamo
• Breakfast 7:00 am-in Las Tunas
• Accomodation
• Then we will take a City Tour at which includes:
- Traveled by the Park Carlos Manuel of Grass
- Walk Bayamés
- Visit to the House Tomás Estrada Palm
• Lunch
• Free time
• Dinner
• Rest
Day 16. Santiago of Cuba
• Breakfast 7:30 am-in Bayamo
• Accomodation
• City tour:
- It Visits to Fortaleza el Morro(Fortress The Snout)
- Traveled by the Cemetery Saint Efigenia
- Museum 26 of Julio
• Lunch
• Free Time
• Dinner
• Rest
Day 17. Baracoa
• Breakfast 7:30 am-in Santiago of Cuba
• Accomodation
• City tour
- Traveled by the Cathedral of Our Lady of Asunción
- It Visits to the Square Mariana Grajales
- Tip of Maisi
• Lunch
• Take Free
• Dinner
• Rest
Day 18. Baracoa
• Breakfast 7:00 am-in Baracoa
• Exit toward Santa Clara-remedies 9:00 am
• Accomodation
• We will visit to the Mausoleum of Che Guevara
• We will visit to the Armored Train
• City tour
• Lunch
• Dinner
• Rest in Santa Clara
Day 19-20. Santa Clara-Remedios
• Breakfast 7:30 am
• Accomodation
• Relax at Key St. Mary, all-inclusive
Day 21. Santa Clara-varadero-Havana
• Breakfast 7:00 am
• Exit from Santa Clara to Havana -8:30 am
• Store San José
• Transfer to the airport

Condiciones Generales

Duration: 12 days and 11 nights Incredible views Classic car
Air conditioner Bilingual driver Insurance
Photos Tour guide Beach
Sun Nature Bring sunglasses
Comfortable clothes and shoes.

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